The Race That I Love And Hate

I’m not going to lie, I’m exhausted lol. Two 10km running races, three 100km+ cycling events, 4 Sprint Duathlons completed, very little training accomplished and with Lakeside, Barrelman and three running races left to go, I’ve started to question my thought process.


The Multisport Canada Triathlon/Duathlon Season ends in a quaint little community called Lakeside, just a short drive away from Woodstock, Ontario. The beautiful Sunova Lake at the heart of Lakeside, plays host to a warm swim course and is surrounded by rolling dirt/gravel and country roads that would supply us with the run and bike course for the weekend. This is my third year racing this event and even though it’s challenging from start to finish, it’s a must needed stop for any athlete to test their versatility on the unpredictable course conditions. We had dealt with rain and high winds the last two years and it made things very interesting. This year was different as we set out for the 2 hour drive to the race site.


The sun was already out, it was cool and a lot calmer winds than usual for this time of year. We might actually get some perfect weather this time around. As we arrived at the race site, the crowd of athletes and spectators had started to flood in. I expected a lot of last minute entries since the weather was in our favour and it turned out to be the case. We had over a 100 athletes registered for the Sprint Duathlon and over 400 for the Sprint Triathlon. A lot of new faces and of course the usual suspects were in attendance. I made my way through the race kit pickup, body marking and grabbed my timing chip, while thanking the local volunteers and having a laugh with them about the fact that we were all fortunate to be a dry and smiling this year. I made my way back into transition to take off my warm up suit and head to the start line located just outside of the finish chute. A quick good luck was thrown around between us all and the horn blew to start our race.


The 1st Run :
The first run of the Sprint Duathlon is an out and back down 300m of pavement before transitioning to a dirt and gravel mixed road. The beginning is flat, but quickly starts to roll up and down before a quick left to the turnaround located uphill. The downhills can work in your favour, but steer clear of the potholes. I had a great start to the run, hanging onto the heels of my BLADE teammates Tory and Curtis Jones, but after about 1.5km I started to lose my rhythm and my steps felt heavy. My second half of the race season has been full of strong running competition and it’s made me realize just how much of a weakness that discipline is for me. No matter how efficient my bike and transitions are I still can’t break the 1 hour 10 minute finish time I’ve been chasing. I pushed through to the turnaround and the cramps started.. I found myself running 400m, followed by a short walk to massage out the cramp and so on until I made it back to T1. It was by no means my fastest 5k, but it was on par with my race the year prior. I had a bunch of time to make up and I was now in 43rd place overall.


The Bike :

After a quick transition and long run,way passed the mount line to avoid everyone, I leaped onto the bike and started practicing my “on your left’s!”, until I could no longer voice anything that remotely resembled the English language. I was making up a ton of time and my average was right where it needed to be. I was climbing the rollers responsibly and not burning extra energy like I’ve done in the past. I had passed 10 duathletes that I could see on the first half to the turnaround. The return was a lot more challenging as we hit the cross/head wind that had carried us on the way out. I managed to pass another 7 duathletes on the return and just about crashed playing chicken with a brave raccoon who decided to have a seat in the middle of the road. I entered into T2 in 26th place. You never know what sort of obstacles you run into during a race. Keep your eyes peeled.


The 2nd Run:

After a quick transition, I headed out onto the final run. My legs were even heavier this time around and I walk/ran to the turnaround trying not to lose the time I had just made up. Beating my time from last year just wasn’t possible this time around and I was passed by 3 athletes on the final 300m to the finish and crossed the line in 29th overall out of 84 and 6th in the 30-34 AG and 8th in the 30-39 AG. Out of my five races in the series, I hit three podiums including a win at Toronto Island. I couldn’t ask for a better season. If my calculations are correct, i’ve picked up a 3rd place Overall finish in the Multisport Canada Sprint Duathlon series points championship again this year! I couldn’t pull any of this off without the team of Supporters behind me. Thank you for believing in me on this journey!

My wife Sam, daughter Fiona, very soon to be son Theodore (due October.23rd) and my family, friends and fellow athletes.


Sport Chek – Chris, Josh, Laurissa and the entire Corporation.


BLADE Carbon Wheels – Rob and Jessica.


County Cycle – Nik and Gord


Skechers Performance Canada – Kyle McCabe


Multisport Canada – John, Jason and the entire team


F2C Nutrition – Greg and Glenda

This Sunday at 9:45am I’ll be tackling a race that three years ago I felt was far from my grasp, The Niagara Falls Barrelman Bike 90km/ Run 21.1km. You can track me by following these instructions below. I am bib number 1002 in the Bike/Run!

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